Thursday, November 17, 2011

S.E.D.A.R plissss.

Time  : evening
Place : LT1,econs
Subject : Management

Dr.D   : where are we stopped last class?
Student: chapter 17 sir.
Dr.D   : it i'm covered all chapter?
Student: yes sir.
Dr.D   : okeh. that's great.take out a piece of paper. please right the question and answer it in 10 minutes.
Student: haaaa??????agak-agak la..adui (habis la)..Bru naik cuti sir.please sir (muka tak puas hati)
Dr.D   : ... (just smile)
Student: bla..bla...bla...(still tak puas hati)
Dr.D   : guys,silent please. Here the question. Listen carefully and i'll repeat.

10 minutes passed.

Dr.D   : please pass your answer sheet in front.
Student: ...... (muka tak puas hati lagi)
Dr.D   : Guys,you know why i'm doing this?it is because your midterm exam is very worse. i'm already marked a few papers..unfortunately,there is student who got 7/30 for mcq.
guys..why are you doing this? The subject that you easily can get A's but ........hmm.(silent....)
please guys...repent to God.
Students, start from the previous quiz i still can't see the bright. Can you imagine how i'm feeling. I really worried about all of you.But it doesn't seem that all of you are worried. All of you already knew that i love to tortured my student. i'll tortured you guys until the smoke out like a moo. Until all of you realize why i'm doing all those things.
Me: .........( T_T)
Dr.D  : Guys,it is enough. Please stop doing these thing, and get ready for your final examination. This subject is very easy. It's easy to get A's. If you have problem on how to study this subject, come see me.  I'm not very good in advising, but i'll give you some technic. bla...bla...bla...

Hmm.kata-kata Dr.D memang mengetuk sanubari untuk berubah ! I'll never study last minutes anymore. Yes, i have to change myself. I have to plan my study back. I must push myself until the last buzzer. I must control my nasf. i must teach myself to be a good student, a good 'abid. a good daughter, and a good muslim.i have too !

"Dear soul, i know you can do much better than this
You have a parents to make them proud
please put maximum effort into it.
if you want to achieve your vision
you have to work hard.
start it today,not tomorrow ! "

Allah, please make me strong (-_-)


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